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Uddishya (English title "The Promise") is a feature film made in Kannada language in Sandalwood (Kannada Film Industry- just like Hollywood). Roberta Griffin (Hollywood Writer) is the writer of this film and the script has been registered with Writer's Guild Association in USA. Script has been translated and modified to suit Global audience and has been registered with Film Writer's Association in India as well.

This is thriller/investigation movie. A Detective investigates an unusual mass murder & faces a lot of challenges to find the real culprit. When he does find the culprit, would he be able to capture him and bring justice or does he fall into a trap planned by the culprit is the climax.


Feature Film

1.  Nominee: Best Original Idea - Top Indie Film Awards 2018

2.  Nominee: Most Terrifying -  Top Indie Film Awards 2018 

3.  Official Selection - Genre Celebration Festival 2018

4.  Official Selection - The $2 Film Festival 2018

Title Teaser

1.  Official Selection - Barcelona Planet Film Festival September 2016
2.  Official Selection - Transylvania Cinema Awards January 2017
3.  Official Selection - UK Screen One International Film Festival March 2017
4.  Semifinalist - Miami Epic Trailer August 2017

Theatrical Teaser

1.  Official Selection - Barcelona Planet Film Festival December 2017
2.  Semifinalist - Los Angeles CineFest February 2018

3.  Official Selection - 8 Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2018

Uddishya Title Teaser

Uddishya Official 2K Theatrical Teaser

Uddishya Official Theatrical Trailer

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